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For Airlines

The aviation industry has committed to the target of achieving carbon neutral growth from 2020 onwards. Lot of work has already been done to achieve this goal, however, in order to reduce the direct emissions of flying, the industry must adopt other means.

While many solutions for reducing emissions, such as electrified aviation, are still in early stages of development, sustainable aviation fuels provide a solution. Sustainable aviation fuel, such as Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel has a key role in reducing the direct carbon emissions from air travel.

For airlines, there are a lot of benefits in deploying sustainable aviation fuels: 

 Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel can achieve up to 80% reduction of GHG emissions compared to fossil jet fuel. Airlines can lower their carbon footprint and reach their sustainability goals. 

 Airlines can meet the global demand and are able to offer solutions to customers that drive towards sustainable aviation. 

 Airlines are positioned as forerunners in the field and are considered environmentally conscious. 

 Airlines have legitimacy for growth and can enhance their PR and marketing value through participating in SAF and SAF development projects.