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Cooperation with additive manufacturers

The lubricant industry is becoming more and more complex with the growing number of new specifications and OEM requirements.

We believe that the key to success is open and honest dialogue, as well as working together with partners to reach common goals. Together, we can identify new opportunities that create value for the whole industry. Our co-operation and mutual trust with additive companies have enabled us to create a wide formulation portfolio to serve the lubricant industry globally.

Our NEXBASE™ base oils are recognised for their high and consistent quality. This, combined with the reliable service we offer at all levels, has earned us committed customers for our products and services. 

Kari Kulmala, Senior associate, Base Oils, Neste
"Mutual trust is key in our co-operation with additive companies".
Kari Kulmala, Senior associate, Base Oils

Long-term commitment

We started with a limited Group III production capacity in Porvoo, Finland in the 1990s, and have consistently grown our capacity to meet today’s demand. Our experienced professionals have a long history at Neste. The technical expertise we have in-house is world-class, and we are dedicated to continue on our growth path, working together with you to find solutions to current and future challenges.

Our products


We provide lubrication solutions that work reliably in all conditions and are better for the environment.

Our facilities

With our production capacity and logistics structure, we ensure that our base oils are available globally.