Fossil products

Neste offers high-quality oil products and related services for road transport, aviation and marine sectors as well as for oil and petrochemical industries. We are known for reliability and flexibility with a comprehensive offering, high supply security and efficient operations. With production at our own refineries, we can ensure a consistent product and reliable deliveries.

Aviation fuel

For airline operators and brokers, Neste offers Jet A1 kerosene from own refinery delivered reliably on time and on spec.

Neste Marine fuels

Neste offers high-quality, low-sulphur marine fuels that allow our customers to meet global compliance requirements.

Neste Diesel

Neste's product offering includes a wide range of low-emission fuels for summer and winter conditions.

Neste Gasoline

Neste supplies suitable gasoline qualities for all petrol engines, and all seasons.

Base Oils

Our extensive NEXBASE™ formulation portfolio is created for our customers to provide the best lubrication solutions for OEMs, motorists, and other users.


Neste lubricants have been developed for cold arctic conditions, in which starting and running engines places extreme demands on lubricant performance.

Alkylate gasoline

Neste alkylate gasoline is the ideal choice for small engines that run at high speeds and hot operating conditions, such as garden tools, chainsaws, and small outboard motors.

Fuels oils

We offer our customers sulfur-free light fuel oils and high-quality heavy fuel oils for the needs of our customers.


We provide clean low-aromatic and aromatic-free hydrocarbon-based solvents for industrial use.

Gasoline components

Neste produces traffic fuel components, including ETBE, MTBE, alkylate and reformate.


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