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Welcome to Neste Base Oils Insights. We aim to be your trusted source of industry information and guide you on your journey through the world of base oils. Here you will find the latest industry news and insights on sustainability and renewables – as seen by our experts.

Are you interested in what the base oil industry can do to make transportation more sustainable and combat climate change? Or do you want to know about the latest base oil developments and what goes into the highest quality base oils? We invite you to dive into our content.

Base Oils blog articles

Neste to sell its base oils business to Chevron

Neste Corporation has signed an agreement to sell its existing base oils business to Chevron Corporation, one of the world's leading integrated energy companies. The agreement covers a combination of share and asset deals forming Neste's entire global base oils business. As part of the divestment, the parties have also agreed on a long-term offtake for Neste’s base oils supply from Porvoo, Finland. With the same date, Neste has signed an agreement to exit its base oils joint venture with Bahrain Petroleum Company and Nogaholding.

The demand for sustainable low-viscosity and low-volatility lubricants is growing

The auto industry is investing in electric vehicles, including hybrids. At the same time, it is developing cleaner internal combustion engines for markets that don’t adopt battery-powered electric vehicles quickly. The demand for lubricants continues, but future lubricants will have enhanced properties like low viscosity and low volatility. In addition to better performance, oil marketers and base oil manufacturers are looking for more sustainably sourced lubricants.

NEXBASE™ podcast: Introducing NEXBASE 4+ base oil made with renewable raw materials

In this episode, we introduce the new NEXBASE 4+ base stock made with renewable raw materials. It enables lubricant manufacturers to formulate the most demanding global OEM lubricants that can contribute to improved fuel efficiency, lower emissions, better machine durability and wear prevention. Listen to find out all you need to know about NEXBASE 4+ and its performance and sustainability possibilities for Neste’s customers!

What can the base oils industry expect after a turbulent year?

After one of its most challenging periods, the base oils industry now needs to focus on the possibilities ahead. Read on to discover what to anticipate going forward and what lubricant blenders should expect from a partner.

NEXBASE™ podcast: how lubricant specifications bring value to all stakeholders – General Motors’ perspective

In this NEXBASE™ podcast, we will be discussing the purpose of OEM specifications and how they add value, covering topics such as quickly implementing changes, responding to developing needs and ensuring funding for test development. You don’t want to miss this fascinating discussion. We are joined by Nathan Siebert, Engineering Group Manager for Fluids and Lubricants at General Motors.