Gigantic need for alternative solutions by Neste.




"We now have a golden opportunity to build a more sustainable and resilient economy and society for the future. There is not only room for all alternative solutions – there is a gigantic need for all of them. Digitalization is an important accelerator for example increasing energy efficiency in production and enhancing sustainable supply chain management of our low-carbon solutions".

There is a need for alternative solutions








Peter Vanacker 
President & CEO, Neste


Making change at Neste happen with digitalization




"Neste aims to be a digital forerunner. Digitalization is a strategic enabler for creating and releasing value to our customers and ourselves faster. We use digital technologies to build Neste’s business processes and models for renewal, growth and efficiency. This enables us to offer customers new innovative solutions, smart ways to collaborate, services in new markets, support tthe sustainability of our customers, and transparency of Neste's sustainability."

Making change to happen with diitalization








Marko Pekkola 
Executive Vice President, Oil Products, Neste
Sponsor of Digitalization & Agile

At Neste, People are the key to success.




"Digitalization is mostly about changing how we think and work. It’s not only about technology. Digitalisation produces results when people think and act in new ways. From people's point of view this means empowered teams using agile methods, enhancing their entire skill set, data, digital literacy and making close collaboration together with customers and partners. Success stories are built together. This is why customers, partners and employees are the key to success."

People are key to success in digitalization








Juho Korpela 
Head of Digitalization


Digitalization in Feedstock and Sustainability

Meeting the latest sustainability requirements to managing sustainability from feedstock providers to customers.

Digitalization in Production

From production and feedstock capacity optimization to energy efficiency in production.

Digitalization in Customer Relationships

From data driven sales and marketing solutions to online collaboration.