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NEXBASE™ 3050 is a colorless, catalytically hydroisomerized, and dewaxed base oil comprised of hydrogenated, highly isoparaffinic hydrocarbons. NEXBASE™ 3050 is suitable for use in formulating high-quality 5W/X and 10W/X engine oils. 

NEXBASE™ 3050 is a unique product with low Noack and low CCS, especially developed for European 5W-30 and 5W-40 top tier PCMO formulations. Straight cut 5cSt VHVI base stock is a special product and is not included in every base oil supplier’s portfolio.

NEXBASE™ 3050 conforms with API/ATIEL Base Stock Group III standards, and it is also used in compressor and hydraulic oil formulations and other circulation oils, as well as in drive line fluids.

Technical data

Property Unit Specification value Typical value (2) Test method
Appearance   Pass (1) ASTM D-4176-1
Viscosity mm2/s     ASTM D-445
at 100°C
  4.8 - 5.2 5.1
Viscosity index ( ) ≥ 120 126 ASTM D-2270
Pour point °C ≤ -12 -18 ASTM D-97
Flash point °C ≥ 220 240 ASTM D-92
Colour ( ) ≤ 0.5 < 0.5 ASTM D-1500
Noack Volatility w-% ≤ 9 8.4 CEC L-40-93b
Density, at 15°C kg/m2 - 839 ASTM D-4052

1) Clear and bright liquid on visual observance, and no water or particulates observed at the bottom of the vortex.
2) Long-term average value

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