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NEXBASE™ 4+ base oil made with renewable materials

NEXBASE™ 4+, is a high-performance base stock and a drop-in replacement for fossil-based Group III+ and PAO (polyalphaolefin) base oils in low-viscosity, low-volatility engine oils.

Over 60% of the molecules in NEXBASE™ 4+ are manufactured from 100% certified renewable raw materials. Created in collaboration with Novvi, LLC and their renewable base oil technology, NEXBASE™ 4+ has been designed to meet the latest specifications.

This base stock enables lubricant manufacturers to formulate low carbon footprint OEM products that offer improved fuel efficiency, lower emissions, and better machine durability and wear prevention. NEXBASE™ 4+ is suitable for use in formulating high-quality 0W/X engine oils, driveline fluids and industrial oils.

Technical data

Property Unit Specification value Typical value (2) Test method
Appearance   Pass (1) ASTM D-4176-1
Viscosity mm2/s     ASTM D-445
at 100°C
  4.1 - 4.4 4.3
< 20
Viscosity index ( ) ≥ 127 131 ASTM D-2270
Pour point °C ≤ -27 -30 ASTM D-97
Flash point °C ≥ 210 228 ASTM D-92
Colour ( ) ≤ 0.5 < 0.5 ASTM D-1500
CCS, at -35C mPas ≤ 2150 1980  
Noack Volatility w-% ≤11.0 9.9 CEC L-40-93b
Density, at 15°C kg/m2 - 825 ASTM D-4052

1) Clear and bright liquid on visual observance, and no water or particulates observed at the bottom of the vortex.
2) Long-term average value

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