Growing our portfolio with waste and residues and new raw materials

While increasing the share of waste and residues of our total renewable raw material inputs, we continue to diversify our portfolio also with other types of new raw materials.

Diverse portfolio of 
Wide variety
of raw materials

Waste and residues increased to
of our renewable raw material inputs in the first half of 2021.

Aiming to process
over 1 MT
of plastic waste from 2030 onwards.

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Alternatives to fossil oil

We use a wide variety of sustainably-produced raw materials each year to produce our renewable products at our refineries in Finland, the Netherlands and Singapore.

Raw material availability

We have focused on waste and residue raw materials for over a decade, and they currently account for over 90% of our renewable raw material inputs globally. We are working on increasing their availability globally, while in the mid to longer term, we expect to use also other types of raw materials.

R&D to diversify our portfolio

We are increasing the availability of renewable and recycled raw materials while also developing technologies to diversify our current raw material portfolio.

News and articles

What are Neste’s renewable products made of?

The end of waste as we know it?

Waste is a global challenge that requires a multitude of creative solutions. Decreasing waste while enabling circularity through innovative methods should capture the imagination of consumers, companies and global policymakers.

Neste’s acquisition of US-based company Agri Trading closed

In September 2021, Neste announced that it would acquire Agri Trading, one of the largest independent renewable waste and residue fat and oil traders in the United States.

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