Neste MY Renewable Diesel™

Neste MY Renewable Diesel™ reduces GHG emissions up to 90% compared to fossil diesel. The fuel is an existing solution for reducing the climate impact of road transport - today.

Produced from
renewable raw materials

Up to 90%
reduction of GHG emissions compared to fossil diesel *

Suitable for
all diesel engines,
no modifications required

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Renewable solutions

Is the future diesel-free? 7 hard questions about diesel, biofuels and ICEs

The whole transport industry agrees on the need to decarbonize traffic fast. However, there’s confusion on what that means for diesel, renewable diesel and the internal combustion engine. Are their days numbered?

LCA? Well-to-wheels (WtW)? Carbon handprint? Sustainable transport jargon explained

Those who struggle to differentiate between carbon handprint and carbon footprint, or grapple with the concept of life cycle assessment, the following is meant to clarify and contextualize a number of commonly used - but rarely understood - concepts.

Fuels play an important role in achieving traffic climate goals

It is evident that the clock is ticking to mitigate climate change. Finland’s aim is to become carbon-neutral by 2035. This is a challenging goal that calls for extensive measures.

IKEA is aiming towards emission-free deliveries by 2025

The adoption of Neste MY Renewable Diesel is part of IKEA’s sustainability strategy which, for example, includes the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions of home deliveries.


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*) Calculation method complies with the EU Renewable Energy Directive (2009/28/EC).