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Solutions for lubricant blenders

We offer lubricant blenders top quality Group III base oils for engine oil, drive line and industrial applications.

Reliability and consistency in quality are the cornerstones of our business. We help our customers keep their promises by providing premium service and top quality base oils worldwide. Our wide formulation portfolio enables them to grow their premium lubricant offerings in different markets.

Wide selection of formulations

The wide formulation portfolio is kept up to date by our experienced technical team who work in close co-operation with additive manufacturers. This valuable work is done by following market trends and anticipating the future needs of OEMs. Our strong relationships with additive manufacturers are key to our future developments.

Neste is committed to offering and developing formulations with partners, that: 

  • Are global – utilizing our strong position in Europe and growth in North and South America as well as in Asia and the Middle East
  • Are focused on automotive lubricant solutions
  • Have full coverage in both Passenger Car (PCMO) and Heavy Duty formulations (HDDO for on- and off-road applications)
  • Are competitive from premium mainline to flagship solutions
  • Provide unique solutions for PCMO and HDDO OEMs for factory fill and genuine oil applications
  • Are creative by offering totally new base oil solutions for the most demanding industrial formulations
  • Utilize excellent NEXBASE™ base stock properties in driveline applications
Our products


We provide lubrication solutions that work reliably in all conditions and are better for the environment.

Our facilities

With our production capacity and logistics structure, we ensure that our base oils are available globally.