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Stakeholder collaboration

Our operations affect a variety of stakeholders. Understanding their views and expectations plays a crucial role in the success of our company and the acceptability of our operations. Thus, we aim for continuous, active, and open dialogue with all our key stakeholder groups to discuss our operations and their effects, objectives, and related risks. We regularly review our stakeholders' views of our operations, organize events and meetings, and take part in seminars and events significant for our industry and business operations.

Stakeholder cooperation covers all our operations, and it is part of our daily work and management. This work is primarily managed by Vice Presidents for Public Affairs, Sustainability, Communications, Brand Marketing, and Investor Relations. Themes linked to stakeholder collaboration are discussed by the Sustainability, Public Affair, Communications and Brand Marketing leadership team, among others. The company's business functions are responsible for cooperation with customers.

Through active dialogue with our stakeholders, we strive to better understand the challenges and opportunities related to our business environment and sustainability.

Our key stakeholders are:​

  • Corporate customers and consumers
  • Analysts and shareholders
  • Policymakers, authorities, and legislators
  • Suppliers of goods, raw materials and services
  • Non-governmental organizations, industry associations and cooperation bodies
  • Universities and research organizations
  • Local communities
  • Media
  • Our own personnel and management

Stakeholder Advisory Panel promotes dialogue

Neste's Stakeholder Advisory Panel is composed of external stakeholder representatives that are invited onto the panel by our Board of Directors. The Panel convenes twice a year, and its purpose is to maintain and promote dialogue with our stakeholders. The Panel discusses subjects such as our operations, business development and changes in the operating environment. Three Neste employees are nominated by Neste's personnel to take part in the Panel's work.