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For Travellers

The environmental cost of air travel is huge and constantly growing. For travellers, both corporate and individual, air travel is often the main contributor of GHG footprint. Travellers increasingly consider their carbon footprint and look for ways to limit their impact on the environment. Some travellers have reduced or even quit flying due to the so called 'Greta effect' (awareness of humanity’s impacts on the planet and a desire to make a difference) and flight shame (flyg skam). 

However, in some cases, flying is necessary and therefore, ways to limit the air travel footprint are needed. Solutions to reduce aviation emissions exist but some are not solutions to the direct emissions of flying or are not yet commercially available and in use.

Aviation will need to reduce its own emissions and therefore alternative fuels, such as sustainable aviation fuels provide a solution. Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel, is available in the market to substitute use of fossil jet fuel to reduce the direct emissions of flying. 

For corporate travellers, sustainable aviation fuels provide many benefits:

 Corporates using flight powered with sustainable aviation fuel have reduced business travel footprint and also contribute to climate change. 

 Corporates are positioned as forerunners in the field and can be considered environmentally conscious, as socially responsible corporations and citizens. 

 Corporates have legitimacy for growth and can enhance PR and marketing value through participating in SAF development projects. Also they appear more appealing to the public. 

Benefits for travellers:

 Travellers can contribute to climate change by lowering their carbon footprint.

 Travellers are considered as socially responsible citizens.

 Travellers can assemble loyalty program rewards and benefits.